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Companies, technical area

Valuation of assets and determination of the value of companies and business assets to accomplish the IFRS accounting standards.

Value assessment of “companies in progress”, based on studies of the economic-financial potential and return of investment, as well as market value research for sale or lease of tangible and intangible business assets.

Standards and Procedures for assets and insurance control. We develop manuals and train staff to standardize the activation and keep the inventory permanently updated and ordered.

Physical-Accountant Conciliations. We reconcile the accounting lists with the actual existing physical assets. Physical Identification of Assets through codes recorded in diverse type of media (bar codes, engraving on metals and others).

Assistance for Risk and Insurance Administration. Assistance to insurance plans and selection of the best policies that fit the activity. Valuation to determine the Insured Sums. Assessment of “Indemnity Limits and Sublimits” from the estimation of Maximum Probable/Possible Losses.

Determination of Insured Sums.

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