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LEARISK, servicios de ingeniería especializados

Government and controlling entities

Determination of adequate insurance coverage for public assets and controlled companies, Risks Studies, verification of Insured Sums, Limits and Sublimits, Risks Accumulation, policy texts, protection / mitigation measures.

Evacuation plans and people safety studies for buildings and dependencies. Emergency and Contingency Plans. Pre-planning operations for emergency cases.

Fire Protection Consultancy and Projects (hydrants, sprinklers, foam and gases) at high value sites (public buildings, theatres, historic sites). Fire load and fireproof studies. Fire pump tests (NFPA 20).

Training of technical and commercial staff in the technical aspects of the insurance coverages.

Appraisal / Valuation of buildings, machines and industrial plants, asset audits in controlled companies.

Identification of hazards and risk analysis in chemical and petrochemical plants, with application of different techniques such as PHA, HAZOP, WHAT IF, FMEA and HAZID among others.

Inspection of electrical installations using infrared thermography. Classification of areas with explosive atmospheres.

Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) for risk assessment in neighboring populations and environment.

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