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LEARISK, servicios de ingeniería especializados


Our engineering team provide independent assessment of fire fighting systems vendors or suppliers.

We have the ability to develop engineering projects according to NFPA and/or FM standards, from basic information as well as detailed engineering (FEED or FELL III). Our assessments are sufficiently detailed to act as technical specifications of EPC (for the request for bids) and an estimation of costs of ± 15% (Class III), for the following systems:

  • Fixed hydrants systems
  • Sprinklers systems (water - foam)
  • CO2 Systems
  • Early detection systems
  • Tanks cooling systems
  • Foam systems

Our assessments can include the following:

  • General and isometric lay outs.
  • Hydraulic calculations, employing listed programs (HASS) or others (EPANET).
  • Descriptive Technical Documentation.
  • Detailed information of diameters, support devices and components according to NFPA.
  • P&ID of the complete system.