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Gas, oil and energy

Identification of hazards and risk analysis in processing plants, with application of different techniques such as PHA, HAZOP, WHAT IF, FMEA and HAZID among others.

Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) for risk evaluation in neighboring populations and environment.

Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis, development of risk matrixes, recommendation of improvements for control and reduction of the risk.

Determination of SIL (Safety Integrity Level) of Instrumented Security Systems (ESD, detection / extinction, processes control and others) with base on IEC 61511.

Event’s simulation and consequences studies (Pool Fire, Jet Fire, Bleve, Vapor Cloud, Dispersion of Toxic Gases). Calculation of safety distances and indemnity limits for insurance.

Efficiency studies and fire protection installations projects (fire hydrants, sprinklers, foam and gases). Fire load and flame retardant studies. Fire pump tests. Advice on application of NFPA, API and other standards.

Inspection of electrical installations using infrared thermography. Classification of areas with explosive atmospheres.

Elaboration of emergency and contingency plans. Pre-planning of emergency operations based on event’s simulation- Evacuation plans. Determination of evacuation routes (NFPA 101).

Implementation of integrated management systems for the safety area. Study of workstations. Industrial Hygiene and Safety services. Accident cause analysis.

In LEA, we have:

  • 4 (four) professional engineers with CFPS certification (Fire Protection Specialist Certificate) issued by NFPA.
  • Specialized software for simulation of fire, explosion and leaks of toxic clouds, and also for the simulation of the mitigation, refrigeration and extinction response of the facilities.
  • Important databases developed by technical institutes and insurers from all over the world, collecting incidents and accidents from all types of industries.

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