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Risk survey inspections

LEARISK provides consultancy services related to risks identification and analysis for the insurance market and corporate clients.

At LEARISK, we conduct surveys for risks analysis and assessment, including direct damages as well as consequential ones, and improvement recommendations in order to reduce, mitigate and manage the risk.

Our analysis reports are based on more than 40 years of experience, on international accepted technical reports, own research studies and information from the insurance market. In the case of plants which store or process hydrocarbons, such as Oil & Gas companies, we employ simulation models for catastrophic events (Breeze Haz Analysis software) in order to determine probable and possible maximum losses. If requested, we strengthen our risk survey with performance tests of fire fighting systems and thermograph studies of electrical devices.

Our assessment covers the following:

  • We provide information to insurance companies for the analysis and assessment of risks.
  • We assist insurance brokers in finding the best coverage options – we verify the insured sums.
  • We estimate maximum possible losses which allow to verify and establish compensation limits for insurance coverage.

Main aspects surveyed:

  • Fire and explosion.
  • Nature Hazards.
  • Machinery breakdown.
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Construction and Erection works.
  • Business Interruption.
  • Third Party Liability.
  • Environmental damages – Information required to calculate MMES.

Our team has the following skill sets:

  • Quality management system certified by ISO 9001 standards.
  • Engineers certified by NFPA –Fire Protection Specialists
  • Professionals certified by AIRM – Alarys International Risk Manager.
  • Engineers certified as thermograph level I, issued by Snell Group.
  • Bilingual risk analysis professionals (English/Spanish).
  • Professionals specialized in Oil & Gas.
  • Professionals specialized in power generation (hydraulic, gas and renewable) and distribution.
  • Professionals specialized in infrastructure works.